The “Panchamasali” sect amongst Veerashaiva Religion is wide spread in Southern India and is more concentrated in the Karnataka State. The people of this sect are Economically, Socially, Educationally andPolitically backward. The feeling of this backwardness and sufferings were very much felt by the elders of the sects like 1) Sri. B.M.Hanamanala 2) Sri. S.V.Negali, 3) Sri. Basalingappa Bhuthe and others, which took initiative formation of “Karnataka Veerashaiva Panchamasali Sangha” (R) bearing Reg. No. 432/1994-95 under the leadership of founder president Sri. B.M. Hanamanal and their team on 02.09.1994.

Since then, the said organization struggled to bring together the Panchamasali Samaja or sect, who are about more than 76 lakhs in Karnataka and 28 lakhs in other States who are wide spread not only in Karnataka but also in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu states, the majority of whom are living in rural areas as agriculturists and Agricultural labourers in a poor and backward condition, under one banner by forming Zilla Ghatakas, Taluka Ghatakas & Grama Ghatakas.

Recently in the year 2005 the entire Panchamasali Samaj People and the above said organization felt it necessary to have their own Jagadguru to lead and guide them Religiously, culturally, socially, educationally & economically. Therefore on 18.2.2008 the said organization and the Panchamsali Samaj

Established “Veerashaiva Lingayath Panchamasali Jagadguru Peetha – 2008” which is based on “Veerashaiva Aithihasika Parampare, Samskruthika Hinnele, Vaicharika Nelegattina Thathvika Talahadi Hagu Siddhanta Adarisida Guru Viraktara Tathva Melaisida Jagatika Pra-prathama “Veerashaiva Lingayath Panchamasali Jagadguru Peetha – 2008”.

About Mahantha Swamiji

Managuli is a small village in basavana bagevadi taluk of Bijapur district. There are two Veerashaiva Mutts in managuli, namely Hiremutt and Babaleshwara Mutt. The Hiremutts history dates back to 4th century A.D and it is a branch Mutt affiliated to Rambhapuri Peetha – one of Panchapeethas. This Mutt is disciple inheritance class of Mutt. In the past, fifteen swamijis have led this Mutt. They were all belonged to Veerashaiva Panchamasali sect.

The predecessor of sri Mahantha Swamiji was Sri Sha. Br. Sanganabasava Shivacharya who was a great seer and a staunch worshipper of ISTALINGA. During his period as the head of mutt, he came to lime light through rigorous religious practices. He died as a centurion in the month of June 1983, after living a fruitful life consisting of penance, yoga and dedication for Veershaiva principles.

Sri Sha. Br. Sanganabasava Swamiji at the age of 80 years felt that it was right time to select his successor. He considered many choices and finally zeroed on Tapasetty family in Managuli. Sri. Sanganabasappa Tapasetty and his wife Smt. Kalamma were simple, humble couple who rendered their services to the mutt with their plain hearts filled with devotion, surrender and faith. They were true believers of veerashaiva philosophy to the core of their being. They were blessed with material comforts and financial opulence. Many infants begotten by this couple died before seeing their first birthday (infant mortality rate was very high in those days) and only five children, three sons and two daughters, remained. In spite of sorrow of losing many infants, they had unwavering faith in Lord Shiva. Of the three sons survived, the second one is Sri Mahantha swamiji( ). He was born on 29th September 1938.

When Sri Sha. Br. Sanganabasava Swami asked Tapasettys to give their second son to the mutt, they readily gave consent. At that time young swami was studying in Sri Siddeshwara high school, Bijapur. Immediately he was summoned to mutt and interviewed by Sri Sanganabasava Swamiji. Sri Swamiji explained to the youngster that a monk life is bed of thorns and asked whether he is prepared to sacrifice every thing and lead a life of renunciation, young(Mahanta) replied that the guru’s wish is a command to him and with the blessings of guru nothing is difficult to him. Soon afterwards guru Sri Sangans Basava Swamiji gave initiation to young(mahanta) on 14-06-1959 and gave him a new name as Sri Mahanta Swamy. Subsequently Sri Sangana Basava Swamiji appointed Sri Mahanta Swamiji as his successor to the Hiremutt. From then onwards the life of Sri Mahanta Swamiji changed completely. He was sent to Bagalkot for college education. He passed B.A degree from Basaveshwara College Bagalkot(1959-63). Then he was sent to Kashi for higher studies. He stayed there from 1963-83 and spent his time in study and penance. During this period he got following degrees from different universities:

1. From Prayag University he got SAAHITYA VISHARADA degree in Hindi literature.

2. From Varanasi Sanskrit University he got AACHARYA degree in ADVAITA VEDANTA.

3. From Banaras Hindu University he got M.A in Sanskrit , M.A in Philosophy.

On top of all these achievements, he was conferred doctorate for his scholarly thesis by title “The Concept Of Ultimate Reality In Veerashaivism And Advaita Vedanta – A Complete Study.” From Banaras Hindu University.

Along with these studies, he even worked as a lecturer in Govt. Queens College and at BHH for some time. While in Banaras he used to follow predetermined strict disciplines, pooja and food practices during the month of Shravana. In 1979 while in Jangamavadi Mutt(Banaras) he lived on only one plantain per day for the whole month of Shravana and did Anustaana. During Shravana month of 1980-82 he involved himself in penance and poojas, using only on a bowl of soaked green gram dal and a tola(12gm) honey per day. In this way, swamiji during his stay at Banaras, gained inner spiritual strength through penance and yogic life.

Sri Sha. br. Sangana Basava Shivacharya Swamiji died in the month of June 1983 at Managuli. Hearing the news of demise of his guru, Sri Mahanta Swamiji rushed back to Managuli from Kashi and took over the charge of Hiremutt as its head. The mutt was in bad shape and the financial condition was pathetic. Even though the mutt owned 165 acres of agricultural land, the income from land was extremely meager. The Swamiji adopted modern agricultural methods and improved the income from the lands. He started many religious programs in the mutt. He regularly delivered scholarly discourses on scriptures and won the heart of listeners. Due to all these efforts of Swamiji, an environment of spirituality pervaded in the Managuli Mutt. Selfless work (Kayaka), unweaving faith in Veerashaiva Siddantha, stead fast devotion to the lord and eagerness to help the needy resulted in Lord’s grace ascending on Sri. Mahanta Swamiji in the form of ‘JAGADGURU’ title. Observing his concern towards Panchamasali sect, he himself was born in Panchamasali sect. the Panchamasli people choose him to be their guru and guide. He ascended the throne of Panchamasli Jagadguru Peetha on 18-2-2008 as STHIRA PEETADHYAKSHA in a grand celebration at Harihar. Finaly with this the dream of 7.6 million Panchamasali people to have their own GURU PEETHA and guru became a reality. The Panchamasali people feel bless to have such an eminent scholarly spiritual person as Mahanta Swamiji as their guru and leader.

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